Autoshare : Technical analysis tool for world markets.
Autoshare 4.11
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Technical analysis software with share price downloads, data mining & backtests.

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AutoShare is one of the easiest and most powerful technical analysis applications for worldwide stock markets. * Download up to four years of free historical share price data from exchanges around the world, including NYSE, LSE, and other US, UK, European and Asian markets. * Produce lists of delisted shares, new issues, top risers and fallers, and shares that satisfy your data mining criteria, such as moving average crossovers. * Display charts which you can print, save as files, or copy to other programs. * Exclude shares above or below a specified price threshold. * Export prices to csv files compatible with other technical analysis and spreadsheet applications, such as Excel. * Maintain share portfolios. * Update share prices simply at the click of a button. * Perform backtests, or simulations of trading shares in the past, to see how particular strategies would have fared historically.

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