Word Password : Instant guaranteed Word password recovery.
Word Password 10.1.6805
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Word Password recovers any Word password within a minute.

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When you lose your password for an Word document and have to decrypt it, Word Password is the tool of choice. Though it can be called a password cracker, Word Password is much more sophisticated that an average password cracker. Among other features, the Guaranteed Recovery and Express Recovery features are undoubtedly what makes Word Password really different, as these features allow you to recover any Word password with a 100% success guarantee. In addition, using the newest Express Recovery technology, most password-protected Word documents can be unlocked instantly. Yes, that's right, no matter how long the password is, it can be decrypted within a minute and your file will be restored and available for viewing and editing. Besides Guaranteed and Express Recovery, Word Password supports a number of other recovery methods that also may come in handy: Instant Password Extraction (does not require any processing; old Word versions), Brute Force Attack (potentially unlimited processing required; any password), Dictionary Attack (fast; can crack password only if it is similar to a natural word), Smart Force Attack (a mix of Brute Force and Dictionary recovery methods; tries only natural combinations of letters), Password Variation (works if you remember at least a part of your password). Whether you have to retrieve a password once, or have to do this often, Word Password will save you time and money. If you are not a password-cracking professional, don't worry: Word Password features an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to work with a maximum efficiency. Word Password has been in use since 1997 and, thus, provides a high level of reliability and stability, which, combined with its collection of features and intuitive interface, make it a must-have software for anyone facing the problem of Word password recovery.

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Word Password - Instant guaranteed Word password recovery.

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