16-Shift It! : Brand-new scrambled picture puzzle game.
16-Shift It! 1.2
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Tired of playing same old Sliding Blocks? Try shift the whole raw/column.

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Are you tired of playing same old Sliding Blocks type of puzzle games? The one where you are supposed to restore the right order of game pieces by sliding them one by one to an empty space on game's playing field? How about trying something new for a change? 16-Shift It! is a perfect opportunity for you to do just that. No more empty space to slide pieces into. Instead, shift the whole row or column of game blocks at once! See for yourself how it introduces a whole new challenge. Game has two playing modes. In Number Mode the aim is to get the numbers in order from top left to bottom right. In case of the Picture game you have to rearrange the pieces back into the original image. The aim is supposed to be accomplished by shifting columns up or down and rows left or right. You can load picture from any BMP or JPG images files and see unscrambled image in the Clue window at any time. Grid size can be from 3x3 to 7x7 and anything in-between like 4x6 or 5x3. If you got stuck the program will show how to solve the puzzle. The program is a demoware. Demo restrictions are as follows: 1. Grid size is limited to 3x3 in Picture Mode and could vary from 3x3 to 4x4 in Number Mode. 2. Only image files provided with Demo Package could be used in the Picture Mode.

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16-Shift It! - Brand-new scrambled picture puzzle game.

Keywords: puzzle, scrambled, picture

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